Laser Guided Scissors


These professional scissors cut straight and accurately in no time with just the press of a button. Our laser guided scissors are easy to use, light touch operation makes them ideal for anyone to use.  The built-in Laser guides you by letting you know exactly where to cut using the red beam it emits so you get straight cuts, whether you use it on fabric or paper, gift wrapping or working on a project at home or in the office.

Cuts faster than any other scissors available. No more having to draw a line using a ruler anymore which wastes a lot of precious time and effort!

How to use:

  • Pull out plastic tab from the battery compartment
  • Carefully take out scissors and point the sharp end of scissors downwards.
  • Push the button on the right hand side of scissors to turn on the laser light.
  • Adjust the laser by turning the two screws on the side of the unit until you see the laser line up with blade
  • Before cutting, make a mark on opposite side of the paper or fabric being cut, lay the material on your work surface
  • Rest the bottom blade of scissors on the surface and align laser with the mark on the opposite side, Carefully cut while keeping laser aligned with mark.

How to change the battery:

  1. Turn the button on the side with a "cross" sign counter clockwise to open and take out old batteries.
  2. Put 2 new LR44 button cell batteries with the positive end facing down, then turn clockwise to close.


**NOTE: Please take precautions to avoid laser light reflecting off glass surfaces and please use laser safety glasses. DO NOT POINT LASER DIRECTLY INTO THE EYES OR AIRCRAFTS FLYING ABOVE.


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Product Details: 

  • Item Type: Scissors
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Feature: Laser
  • Power Source: 2pcs LR44 button cell batteries (included)
  • Colors: Black
  • We do not ship to APO, FPO address



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