Lotus Electric Rechargeable Bug Zapper Swatter Racket With LED Lights

Never clean up or get close to squished bugs again!


The Lotus Electric Rechargeable Bug Zapper Swatter Racket With LED Lights is a hand-held unit designed to kill bugs on contact with volts of zapping power. It uses no harsh chemicals and incorporates multiple features designed for safety, such as a separate on-off switch and zapper button, protective screens, indicator lights, and bright LED lights to help you find those buggers. It provides quick, powerful killing at an arms length! Designed for both indoor and outdoor use

Main Features:
1. Double-Speed Discharge Circuit: which can output 3000v instantly to get best results upon hitting the mosquito.
2. Electric shockproof Net: Kills the mosquito but harmless to human bodies. Electric shock wont be felt when touching the net's flat surface.
3. Special 3-Layer Net: can easily catch the mosquito and traps it for the zap
4. Built in LED flashlight

1. For safety, do not press the zapper button or touch the surface of net when swatter is switched on.
2. Please do not touch the middle layer net
3. Please do not get the swatter wet to avoid shorting the circuit. To clean, simply shake the swatter to get rid of the insect remains on the net.
4. If the swatter gets exposed to moisture, use a blow dryer or leave out in the sun to dry before using. Store in dry places.

Please replace the batteries when the indicator light turns dim or if you notice the power getting weak


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Product Details:

  • Item Type: Electric Mosquito Swatter
  • Power Source: Removable lithium battery 400mAh
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 days on a single full charge
  • Operating Voltage: 3000V
  • Charger: Built in, Slide out
  • Voltage: 20V-50Hz / 110V-60Hz
  • Color: Blue, White
  • Weight: 0.5kg | 1.10lb
  • Length: 50cm | 20in
  • Net Area: 24cm x 19cm | 9.4in x 7.5in
  • Feature: Independent switch for LED Lights
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