Royal Egyptian Costumes


Let us take you back to a world of ancient wonder.


There are a thousand costume options out there and  when you choose a costume that's inspired by ancient Egypt, you get to be a pharaoh and relive the time of glorious pyramids and sphinxes. Pharaohs and their royal family are believed to be descendants of the gods, if not gods among men. 

Be inspired by the famous queens of Egypt that combine regal style with beauty and wisdom, perfect for any woman stepping into the role of queen of Egypt. 

Be a pharaoh with the shimmering gold accents and touches that Ramses would have worn as he ruled as the morning and the evening star. On top of that, you also get to wear cool headpieces and gold swag while you do it!

The kids are bound to love this. Be the royalty that you and your family are.


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Product Details:

  • Item Type: Costumes
  • Item Condition: Brand New
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Gold , Black
  • Shape\pattern: Egyptian
  • Audience: Adult, Children
  • Sizes:
    • Pharaoh: 
      Free size, Bust:100-128cm, Hips: 100-140cm, Length:102cm
      Fit for height 165-185cm                                                             
      Free size, Bust: 39.4-50.4in, Hips: 39.4-55in, Length: 40in
      Fit for height 65in-73in
    • Queen: 
      Free size, Bust: 80-90cm, Hips: 80-102cm, Length: 145cm, 
      Fit  for height 155-170cm                                                           
      Free size, Bust: 31.5-35.4, Hips: 31.5-40in, Length: 57in, 
      Fit  for height 61in-67in
    • Princess: 
      Free size, Bust: 70-76cm, Hips; 75-95cm, Length: 118cm, 
      Fit for height 120cm-145cm child                                              
      Free size, Bust: 27.6-30in, Hips: 29.5-37.4, Length: 46.5in, 
      Fit  for height 47-57in child
    • Prince: 
      Free size, Bust: 78-86cm, Hips; 76-96cm, Length: 80cm, 
      Fit for height 120cm-145cm child                                              
      Free size, Bust: 30.7-34in, Hips: 30-38in, Length: 31.5in, 
      Fit  for height 47-57in
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