Silicone Diver Figurine Tea Strainer


Tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world and with a history going back over thousands of years. The preparation of tea is as simple as letting tea leaves soak in hot water while having a bit of fun while making tea.

Follow tradition and at the same time be different by using this Diver Figurine Tea Strainer to make your tea. The Diver Figurine Tea Strainer is made of food-safe silicone rubber which can also withstand high heat from boiling/hot water. Item will surely generate interest with your unique approach of preparing tea.

Loose tea leaves would be best in using the Diver Figurine Tea Strainer however even tea bags of any type or kind can also work well and will fit inside this tea seeping device.


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Product Details:

  • Type: Silicone Tea Strainer Filtre
  • Capacity: <50ml
  • Material: Silicone
  • Colors: Orange, Green, White, Pink, Gray, Sky Blue
  • Size: 2.25inch x 2inch | 5.7cm x 5.08cm
  • Package include: 1pc tea infuser with silicone plate
  • For best results, use loose tea leaves but can also be used with tea bags.
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